The adhesive used in the display portion of the display, that directly affect the display capability of the display, is request a transparent optically uniform, and the adhesive failure such as foaming or peeling does not appear, even under various use environments that no dimensional change.


Double-sided tape (for paste of periphery)

It is used when make a air gap structure between the touch panel and display.

OCA (Optical transparent double-sided sheet. For full lamination)

The adhesive tape of the substrate-less which sandwiched between light release separator and heavy release separator, there is a urethane series and acrylic series.

Thermoplastic UV curing (The optically transparent double-sided sheet.For full lamination)

• Product structure does not change with the OCA, but there is a feature that generates a liquidity by applying heat, cross-linked by UV irradiation.

• Such as a liquid crystal panel, suitable to where dislike the local stress.

OCR (UV curing resin, For full lamination)

• Which is reactive liquid resin, there is a silicon series and acrylic series.
• Compared to the acrylic series, silicon series has excellent stability and cure shrinkage is low.

Absorbency of print step

OCA (optical transparent double-sided tape) Feature

That the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape of base material-less structure sandwiched by light release separator, the heavy release separator.

Challenge point

Absorbability of the like to the printing step of the cover glass.

Reflowable OCA Feature

Product structure is substantially equal to the OCA.

The difference between the OCR

• To follow-up to the irregularity cause the liquidity by applying heat.
• Apply to the place where hate the local stress such as a liquid crystal panel.

OCR (UV curing resin) Feature

Is a reactive liquid resin, cured by UV irradiation.
There are silicone-based and acrylic-based.

Challenge point

Such as display unevenness due to the curing contraction and protrusion after the bonding.

Hybrid OCR Feature

Handling is almost the same as OCR.

The difference between the OCR

• Generate OCA characteristics by Pretty Cure.
• For bonding after the cure, cure shrinkage reduced.

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