Adhesive - OCA (Functional film) dry lamination -

The adhesive used in the display portion of the display, that directly affect the display capability of the display, is request a transparent optically uniform, and the adhesive failure such as foaming or peeling does not appear, even under various use environments that no dimensional change.

OCA (Optical transparent double-sided sheet. For full lamination)

The OCA, because it is excellent in the film thickness uniformity and workability, there are merits as below; easy to handle during the manufacturing process, the film thickness is constant, and the laminating part doesn't has protrusion.

The thin OCA sheet is supply by roll, the thick OCA is supplied in single-wafer processing in many cases.

Thermoplastic UV curing (The optically transparent double-sided sheet. For full lamination)

• Product structure does not change with the OCA, but there is a feature that generates a liquidity by applying heat, cross-linked by UV irradiation.
• Such as a liquid crystal panel, suitable to where dislike the local stress.

Considerations for selecting the OCA

Delay bubble

Such as stand at room temperature and reliability test of high temperature and high humidity, the bubble called delay bubble may occur.


Step follow-up

There are cases where bubbles are generated when the OCA is not completely follow the step of the print portion of the cover glass. Available step of the OCA general is 10% to 20%.


Tooling Mark. Peel property

When OCA punching processability is poor, OCA is off the edge surface, or separator is peeling at the edges, dents occurs, will lead to a laminating failure.


Warp. Peeling

When laminating between different types material, due to the difference of shrinkage and expansion of the material, warp or peeling may be occurs .

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