Adhesive - OCR (Liquid) wet lamination -

The adhesive used in the display portion of the display, that directly affect the display capability of the display, is request a transparent optically uniform, and the adhesive failure such as foaming or peeling does not appear, even under various use environments that no dimensional change.

OCR (UV curing resin, For full lamination)

• Which is reactive liquid resin, there is a silicon series and acrylic series.
• Compared to the acrylic series, silicon series has excellent stability and cure shrinkage is low.

Considerations of when selecting an OCR

Uneven curing

The unevenness may occur in case of due to the difference in distribution of OCR layer curing.
By reason of such as UV irradiation is focused partially,and combined an OCR of different viscosity, is easy to occur when curing is promoted partially.


Uncured of the light-shielding bottom

Because UV irradiation is hard to reach light-shielding bottom, tends to be insufficient curing.
If left as it is, must be aware that contaminate the product by leaks of OCR of uncured.


The display unevenness due to cure shrinkage

If bonding an OCR which cure shrinkage rate is high and the LCD, LCD side is pulled by contraction and uneven display may occur.

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