Lamination / Bonding process

Functional film laminator. Com, are describing the features of laminating method of various film or glass of each company, including the Glass bending lamination system of FUK.

Glass bending lamination system

Glass bending lamination system, it is the method that bonded together while arched the cover glass at atmospheric pressure,not affected by the product size (laminating area expansion).

In general, the method of bonding under vacuum has penetrated,but by the laminating area increases, the lid(chamber) which creates vacuum environment must be large as well,the previous evacuation time of bonding also increases.


Grips at both ends of cover glass by the pillow,
regulate not to move freely in the X and Z directions.
And stand by in a position that is raised higher than the laminating height on the pillow of the laminating end side on it.
And roller moves down to the bonding start position, depending on the bonding position.
bonding little by little at a time from the edge by a line bonding with numerical control to the height of the pillow of the side of the bonding end.
From the state of bonding the glass as if laminating a film under atmospheric pressure, it is referred to as a Glass bending lamination system.

Numerical control "Roller push-in amount", "Roller push pressure", "Moving speed of the stage", "The height of the pillow" at the bonding position.
Boding while maintaining a constant attitude angle of the cover glass always.
When material and thickness of the cover glass changed, need to adjust the attitude angle to match it.

In addition, need to be careful if lamination target of as LCD module is not full flat structure.
For example,because the back of LCD module have backlight holder, bar code stickers and metal chassis etc,the adsorption holding surface has irregularities.
f there is a part that can not be adsorption holding by device side, pressure relief occur during the lamination. when in the such as time stability and reliability evaluation,the bubbles may occur or display unevenness may occur when LED was lighted.

Bonding environment Non vaccum Work Hard to Hard
Pressure-sensitive adhesive Adhesive material / OCA / OCR Function Filling
Lamination Line adhesion Remarks Numerical Control

Glass bonding equipment(OCA)


Glass bonding equipment(OCR)

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