Lamination / Bonding process

Functional film laminator. Com, are describing the features of laminating method of various film or glass of each company, including the Glass bending lamination system of FUK.

Drum transfer system / Arc head type

The method of laminating at roller pressure while tilting the film under atmospheric pressure.

Drum transfer system (atmosphere / OCA)

The drum transfer system;transferred entire film to the drum surface which is a cylindrical body, then rotate to the lamination position. elevated the stage which is sucking and holding the cover glass in this state, laminating the film to the cover glass by the drum rotation and pressure and the movement of the stage.


Arc head type (atmosphere)

An arc head system is, the method that transferred the entire film to the arcuate head surface, laminating the film to the cover glass by swing movement and pressure of the head.

Because full holding the film, scratches and wrinkles does not occur during laminating.

Bonding environment Non vaccum Work Soft to Hard
Pressure-sensitive adhesive Adhesive material / OCA Function  
Lamination Line adhesion Remarks Numerical Control
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