Lamination / Bonding process

Functional film laminator. Com, are describing the features of laminating method of various film or glass of each company, including the Glass bending lamination system of FUK.

Flip method (face-down method)

The method that bonding by stage pressurization while maintaining the parallel state under vacuum pressure or at atmospheric pressure.

Flip method (Non vaccum / OCR)


Coating OCR in the cover glass by dispenser. Coated cover glass pivot 180 degrees, lower side stage rises up, push OCR radially then bonding.

Design of coating pattern need to think about OCR spread.
In addition,the stage control for causing the filling evenly to the products that are swell and products that do not come out the parallel is important.

Vacuum chamber method(Vaccum / OCA, OCR)


The vacuum chamber unit going down and create an enclosed space.
Then make vacuum state by pump. lower side stage going down and then bonding by full surface bonding.

Bonding environment Vaccum or Non vaccum Work Hard to Hard
Pressure-sensitive adhesive Adhesive material / OCA / OCR Function Filling
Lamination Face bonding Remarks  
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