Lamination / Bonding process

Functional film laminator. Com, are describing the features of laminating method of various film or glass of each company, including the Glass bending lamination system of FUK.

Roller laminating system

The system of roller lamination, it is that after being inclined stage which sucking and holding the film,then touch the roller at film tip portion,and laminating the film to the cover glass by roller pressure and the movement of the lamination stage.

In order to prevent the film from being ahead touch to the cover glass, adsorption force control to the film moving on the stage in laminating is important.


In the lamination,In order to laminating with numerical controling by servo motor to parameters as "push-in amount of the roller", "roller push pressure " and "moving speed of the laminating stage" ,prevent stress and dents occurring in the film, and suppress the bubble generation of the linear part of the start laminating.

In addition, it is possible to control the laminating in a low speed at a step portion bubbles are likely to occur, then laminating in a high speed to other portions.

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