Technical laboratory

Our Technology

FUK is a group of specialists that can offer customers integrated solutions to various problems about process engineering ranging from process development and manufacturing.
At the Technical Laboratory, we have provided a large number of customers with solutions to automation (laborsaving).


Assessment of Process/Mechanical Engineering

At FUK, we produce our own test machines to perform process/mechanical assessment on a daily basis.
We believe that processes give life to products of our customers.
We are working on bettering processes by trial and error at any time, so that we can create long-lasting products with stable processes.


・Evaluation of polishing such as reciprocating polishing and rotary polishing
・Evaluation of polishing force of polishing sheets/pads
・Evaluation of functions of backup
・Observation of polishing flaws and foreign matter


・Evaluation of laminating/removing force to assess peeling
・Observation of lamination precision
・Observation of air bubbles and foreign matter


・Evaluation of cleaning performance of brushes and nozzles
・Evaluation of drying performance air knives
・Evaluation of particles


・Evaluation of precision of camera recognition
・Evaluation of precision of bonding precision
・Observation of air bubbles and foreign matter

  • Technical laboratory