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Glass bending laminaton(R) system for direct bonding of touch panel!

In The touch panel products such as smart phones and tablet, the entire surface bonding process of the cover glass and the touch panel is essential. In recent years, (referred to optical bonding and full-lamination) bonding the entire surface of display device such as a liquid crystal panel and a cover glass with touch panel, the needs has been increasing.

By performing (optical bonding) the bonding of entire surface, can be obtained effects such as "Adhesion area is increased and rigidity is improved" and "Contrast is enhanced by suppressing the reflection and refraction of light at each interface".

In improve the yield in the process of entire surface bonding (optical bonding) process, high reliability and excellent optical properties OCA (optical transparent double-sided tape) and OCR (the optically transparent UV-curable resin), parts design of considering the reproducibility of bonding and a manufacturing apparatus for realizing a high reproducibility is required.

Structure of the conventional touch panel and the display, Structure of the touch panel display in the future
Merit • Visibility improvement
• AR film unnecessary
• Power consumption reduction
• Prevent foreign matter
• Strength improvement
Adherend Cover glass + Transparent conductive film + Liquid crystal display module
The final product

Smartphone tablet • Windows8 PC (Ultra book • Ultra book) • Smart TV

Smartphone tablet • Windows8 PC (Ultra book ) • Smart TV is being requested optical bonding (bonding) by OCA of the LCD module and the cover glass of GFF/G1F structure for thinner and lighter improvement. Because the initial bubble is difficult to occur, laminating from the edge position under normal pressure of "Glass bending lamination system", the yield rate is higher than other methods. Therefore, with the tremendous support from our customers, has a number of achievements.

LCD module frame mode fixed images LCD module entire surface bonding
Fixing of transparent conductive film lower surface and LCD module are bonding on the outside of display area by frame-like double-sided tape. Therefore, the structure has an air gap layer.   For thinner and improvement transmittance, the technical demand of bonding entire surface of LCD module of thin film has been increasing.
Adhesive OCA
Equipment name GOS
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